Some Archlinux Stuff

The Repository

Here's the pacman.conf snippet to access my package repo.

Server =
# or
Server =

i686 Repo Listing

Name Version Description
multisync-gui0.91.0-5Graphical Interface for the OpenSync Synchronization Framework
libopensync-plugin-syncml0.22-2Syncml plugin for OpenSync
libopensync-plugin-evolution20.22-12Plugin for syncronizing Novell Evolution via opensync
libopensync-plugin-file0.22-1File plugin for OpenSync
nautilus-pacman0.2-1Nautilus extension for pacman packages
libsyncml0.4.6-2An implementation of the syncml protocol
libopensync0.22-3Stable version of the opensync synchronisation framework
wbxml20.9.2-4Library and Tools to parse, encode and handle WBXML documents
msynctool0.22-2CLI interface to the opensync synchronization framework

x86_64 Repo Listing

Name Version Description
lock-keys-applet1.1-1The GNOME Lock Keys applet shows the status of the CAPS-, NUM-, and SCROLL-lock keys